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Blogs Homepage not working after upgrade to IBM Connections 4.5

After upgrading an IBM Connections 4.0 environment to 4.5 (site-by-site with datamigration using database transfer tool), the Blogs homepage was not working. Apps > Blogs > Public Blogs displayed only “Page not found”.

The SystemOut.log contained the following exception:

[7/17/13 10:07:09:150 CEST] 00000067 PageServlet E org.apache.roller.ui.rendering.servlets.PageServlet processRender CLFRS0090E: Error during rendering for page 5c985baf-6732-474c-b5ca-d0e4fec0091e java.util.MissingResourceException: […]

IBM Connections Mail and international characters

Issue: In Connections Mail, international characters like Umlaute are either not displayed or only a square is printed instead of the character.

Solution: The underlying operating system where WebSphere Application Server is running, is not using UTF-8 for character encoding. You need to define UTF-8 as character encoding in the Java runtime environment. […]